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Meetings and Events That Involve All Senses-Even The Common One!

Your team building doesn't have to be a series of soon forgotten, ho-hum Power Points and a "rubber chicken" meal. You can make the meeting, and the material presented, memorable for the long term by introducing an entertaining theme to wrap the education in.

Circus Theme Team Building Event

The show must go on!  You want your employees to be real troupers each and every day. This theme was geared towards bringing all the employees of a multi-market practice together under one "big tent" to create cohesion between all offices.

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  • TS15RingmasterPresident

Space Theme Team Building

When change, whether it's internal or industry related, is on the horizon employees must embrace the new frontier.  With an onslaught of regulatory changes, this enterprise needed to bring home the knowledge that their employees are not alone and that strong and steady leadership was in place to support them in their mission.

  • Executive Crew Takes the Bridge
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  • Ship Awaits the Crew-TS 17

Sweet 16 Team Building

For the 16th anniversary of themed team building meetings for these cool cats, we decided to go all out on Sweet 16 We created 4 different "50's style environments for the various areas of the meeting: General session room was a high school gym dance, the lunch room was transformed into a diner—complete with "soda fountain," juke boxes, black and white tiled floor. The exhibit hall was turned into a drive in movie theater with 1950's movies projected, popcorn and sodas, seating was an actual 1957 Chevy sofa, with a vintage drive in movie speaker attached.

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Medical Directors Forum Memphis Theme

This physician staffing company held their annual meeting in Memphis. Memphis, known at the birthplace of the Blues and the Home of Rock –n- Roll was a natural for a music theme.

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Centennial Celebration Elvis Theme

These three business owners share family roots, even though each of their practices are individually owned. They trace their common history back to Memphis, when the first Snell practice was opened in 1911. That same year, their trade association's national convention was held in Las Vegas. As an event within the trade show, we brought in bionic "Elvis" and showgirls, served champagne and logo'ed treats, celebratory signage and more.

  • Centennial Birthday Cake
  • elvislegfrontview
  • Snell and Ginna Snell
  • Snell family portrait with the King

Physical Therapy CE Course

This practice is pulling out all the stops on providing education to PTs, which are an important referral source. One of the best attention getters is earning approved continuing education hours. We coordinated all the materials needed and submitted the seminar for approved CEs, handled the sales and marketing, on-site support and follow up to ensure CEs were properly submitted to ensue that attendees received credit. We are working with the practice as they continue to hold these types of seminars on a regular basis.

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We can get your practice in front of your referral sources and take care of al the needs surrounding a successful in-service that will support your brand, while not appearing "commercial".

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"Test Drive" Technology

This patient event was presented by national prosthetics manufacturer, Freedom Innovations, in conjunction with local Middle Tennessee provider Restorative Health Services. Area amputees were invited to try out some of the new technologies available while enjoying grilled on-site bbq and fellowship.

  • AandAcooking
  • Chefgathersfeedback
  • And cake!

On Target

Customer service and billing can be a stressful and difficult job for DME company employees with claims being denied for no apparent reason, back orders for items and lack of team work between departments being common. This event brought all departments together to gain new understanding of their fellow employees' day to day and to foster cooperation and collaboration between departments.