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PrimeFare East - Nashville, TN: June 28-29, 2024 | PrimeFare Central - Tulsa, OK: October 18-19, 2024

PrimeFare East


PrimeFare East Regional Scientific Symposium

The PrimeFare East Symposium is widely known as one of the top O&P&P meetings in the country. It is a fully regional meeting, with an average of 125-160 attendees from as many as 27 states. The symposium provides four educational tracks for practitioners, and a full exhibit hall for manufacturers and business service companies to enjoy face time with owners and practitioner attendees. PrimeFare East is held every summer in one of the nations most entertaining cities: Nashville, Tennessee. PrimeFare East celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2018.

PrimeFare Central


PrimeFare Central Regional Scientific Symposium

In 2011 PrimeCare was invited to manage the Oklahoma State Association Meeting, increasing its growth and attendance 400% by 2012. By 2015 the meeting had grown to encompass attendees from several states and exhibitors from all of the key manufacturers and suppliers. As a result we saw the need for a Central Symposium, which we now hold each year in Oklahoma. The meeting features three educational tracks for practitioners and owners in addition to the exhibit hall. We provide space and tools for the association to hold their meeting at PFC annually.

Let Us Help With Your Next Event

Not enough hours in the day to do your actual job and plan an event? Relax and let us help!

PrimeCare's event planning, organization and management background runs the gamut from intimate boardroom style gatherings to symposia featuring five concurrent CEU educational tracks with exhibit halls, networking receptions and golf tournaments.

The company is made up of talented creators of unique corporate and non-profit meetings and events, as well as company team building events. We can include developing relevant themes and speakers, site visits, venue evaluation and selection, budgeting, online tools, program creation, on-site supervision and follow up.

You can choose from a menu of services or we can handle your meeting/event turnkey.

State Association Meetings

If you are the state association leader who has been tagged to handle your state meeting, it is well worth while to consider outsourcing your meeting to PrimeCare's staff. We will bring our winning formula—adapted to your specific needs—to planning and executing your meeting.


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About Us

PrimeCare was founded in 1998 as an Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics network that facilitated managed care contracts on behalf of America's independent O.P&P practices. From 1998 through 2014, the Network facilitated more than 20 national contracts and more than a dozen regional ones, which comprised more than 100 million covered lives. 

Focus On Education

PrimeCare is well known in the profession for our dedication to education. Since the inception of our first PrimeFare East Regional Scientific Symposium in 1998, with three educational tracks and 16 exhibitors, we have been committed to providing regional education to the P&O field that is second to none. Both of PrimeCare's symposia have grown exponentially since 1998, and continue to expand in both attendance and exhibitor support.

In 2015, PrimeCare O&P Network was re-branded to PrimeCare Management Services, to reflect our direction away from contracting and towards our expertise in meeting and event planning and execution and general business and marketing consulting.

Cathie Pruitt, Partner/President

Cathie founded her marketing consulting company, Strategic Marketing , Inc. (SMI) in 1988, and in 1998 SMI developed the strategic business plan, creation, marketing and implementation of PrimeCare O&P Network.  She has served as the head of both Strategic Marketing and PrimeCare O&P Network since each of their inceptions. Her strategic meeting planning experience dates back more than 25 years and includes, along with Jane Edwards: PrimeFare Symposia,  Medical Directors Forum for The Schumacher Group and Suntrust Bank Client Relations meetings.

Cathie has produced annual conventions for the Mississippi Manufacturers' Association; National Cottonseed Products Association; West Tennessee Area Home Builders Association's Vesta Home Show and team building events for various P&O companies across the country, to name a few.

Jane Edwards, Partner/Vice President of Operations

Jane joined PrimeCare in 2001 and has continually improved every area of planning, on-site coordination, sales, meeting credentialing and follow up for PrimeCare's annual scientific symposia. The company's PrimeFare meetings are known throughout the industry as one of the top five meetings in the country as a result of her work. As Vice President of Operations, she contributes to the smooth running of general day-to-day operations and long term planning.  

Jane also brings her talent and expertise in meeting and events to other meetings, such as The Medical Directors Forum for The Schumacher Group,  Suntrust Bank Client Relations meetings, and various corporate team building events. that PrimeCare Management Services handles for outside clients. 

Kevin Pruitt, In-House Accountant

Kevin is in charge of PrimeCare's finances, including accounts payable and receivables. He contributes to our long term strategy and planning, and is responsible for evaluating and mapping Symposia direct marketing. Since Kevin joined the company, our processes have been greatly streamlined and more efficient. 

Kevin's on-site participation at PrimeFare East and PrimeFare Central have proven invaluable to the smooth running of the meetings.

Great record attendance at PrimeFare East 20th Anniversary. I'm looking forward to the rest of the meeting and, of course, to the next PrimeFare East!

- Bill Maramas, CPO, Willowwood

This is the only show I go to during the year. It's very informative year after year. I send people from my office, also and we all enjoy it very much.

- Terry Shaw, CPO/FAAOP, President of Shaw's Prosthetics Plus