State Association Meetings for Prosthetics and Orthotics

PrimeCare also handles the Oklahoma State Association's annual meeting, increasing growth and attendance from 25 when we took the project on in 2011 by nearly 400% as of 2012.

If you are the state association leader who has been tagged to handle your state meeting, it is well worth while to consider outsourcing your meeting to PrimeCare's staff. We will bring our winning formula—adapted to your specific needs—to planning and executing your meeting.

You can pick which services you need, or have us handle it turnkey. Contact Jane Edwards for details.

Oklahoma State Association Meeting

The Oklahoma State Meeting will be held in conjunction with PrimeFare Central. This meeting is open to all Oklahoma association members who are in good standing.

It is going to held this year in conjunction with PrimeFare Central in Oklahoma City. Association members attending PrimeFare Central can register when they sign up for PrimeFare at no additional charge. Those who wish to attend the state meeting only can register and pay the state association fee only