About Us

  • We believe that the more independents that are working together, the more we can overcome the many obstacles that face our field every day. In order to gain and maintain fair reimbursements and combat the many, and increasing legislative, managed care and competitive factors that independents face daily, we have banded together to develop a Network that has a “critical mass” number of high quality provider members. This critical mass gives us the tools to demand fair and equitable treatment by managed care and other entities related to the preservation of our livelihoods. We currently have contracts that cover over 125 million lives.
  • At the same time, we are actively recruiting new member providers to further strengthen and improve America’s independent practices.

Intangible Benefits to Membership

Many of our provider members find that being part of the Network also has the advantage of being a vehicle to gather feedback, advice and insights from others in the group and PrimeCare staff to help provide a gauge from others in similar situations without having to be concerned about revealing information to a competitor. We invite you to call or email us to find out more about how PrimeCare can assist your practice.